Monday, June 1, 2015

DIY: Simple Closet Makeover on a Budget

Hello! I have been dreaming about my very own beautiful "His & Hers" closet since I started this blog 3 years ago, and it has finally happened! Stay tuned for the details below.

I do not know why it took me so long to make this amazing closet happen, but I am glad I did and it was not has horrible as I thought! My husband was ecstatic to move back into our closet, I had kicked his clothes out to the laundry room and he hated it, but I need the extra room. I'm sorry honey, but welcome back!

  • 12x1 utility shelving (8 ft.) - 1 on hand, purchased 2 for $12
  • 4x1 pine boards -  on hand
  • 2 storage cubicles - on hand, purchased a couple of years ago for storage in my laundry room
  • 1 dowel rod (1 1/8 in.) - 1 on hand, purchased 1 for $10
  • 4 dowel rod end support - purchased 2 packs for $6
  • white paint - on hand
TOTAL- $28!

The first thing we did was remove everything from our closet. That was the worst part, the things that accumulate over the years is insane. I did some major decluttering and got rid of (donated and threw away) a lot of clothes. I do not have a picture of the "true" before picture because once I start a project, getting my camera to capture it is just not possible when I'm on a cleaning mood.

Next, my husband removed the old hardware and boards holding the shelf. Be very careful while doing this, it will take some patience. Do not make a hole in your wall.

My four year old son helped by dissembling both 4x2 storage cubicles, we had to take them apart to cut them and make 3x2 storage cubicles to have the right length. 

I painted the areas where my husband removed the boards and assembled the storage cubicles.

This is where I decorated with scrapbooking paper (optional). Place the shelf over the two side boards.

Next, screw boards to hold the top shelf and paint the boards.

Install the dowel rod support hardware to each end.

One side is done, next side is next.

After finishing the other side, it should look like this.

Next, move to the top boards and install the rod support to each end.

It should look like this.

And you are done, lastly is organizing the mountain of clothes I'm sure you have. We added more shelves to wrap around for more storage.

This is the top of my closet!

On the top left shelf I have baskets containing hats, gloves, swimwear, and extra jeans.

On the top right shelf I have my husband work clothes.

On the left side I have my pajamas, workout clothes, and my frame necklace holder.
On the right side I have a holder to keep our belts and his ties, and his t-shirts.

I'm so obsessed with this rose gold necklace holder I made; it is so beautiful! I created this with a 8x10 picture frame, a thin piece of plywood, cup hooks, and spray paint.

On each storage cube I keep:
Top cubicles
  • sweaters
  • sunglasses
  • jewelry
  • basic t-shirts
  • t-shirts
  • over the shoulder bags
Bottom cubicles
  • pretty heels
  • colorful jeans
  • shorts
  • bras
  • "Her" socks/underwear
  • "His" socks
My jewelry cube contains bracelets, ear rings, and rings. I made the bracelet holder with a paper towel tube, newspaper stuffing, fabric, piece of wood as a base, and a stick.

I love this frame, my rose gold wedding ring set holder. I made this with just some fabric and polyester stuffing.

This is the bottom of my closet!

On the left bottom, I keep my "most used" shoes here, some aren't visible underneath my clothes.

On the right bottom, I keep my husbands "most used" shoes here, next to the chevron laundry basket.

I keep the rest of the shoes that does not fit in our closet under our bed.

I hope you found some inspiration to tackle your own closet.
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

How I Organize My Fridge

Just wanted to do a quick post on how I organize my fridge. There is always many ways to organize a fridge depending on each household and this is the way I organize mine. All the items used for my organization are from the Dollar Tree, one of my favorite places to shop when on a budget.

Lets start in the freezer.

On the top rack I use 4 clear plastic containers to store frozen fruit, snacks, and veggies. On the bottom I store the frozen meat I'm using for the week.

Next to the meat, I have one bin where I store our popsicles/ice-cream snacks and in the other bin I store any miscellaneous items.

On the door of the freezer I store any bread on the top rack and for breakfast foods on the bottom. 

If you notice, I removed our food from the boxes to create more space. I put the instructions on how to heat up on the Ziploc bags with a sharpie marker. (I seriously hate boxes, they take up so much space!)

Next is the fridge part.

On the top rack I use three bins: the first blue bin is for cheese only, the second red bin is for cooking sauces, and the last green bin is to make sandwich ingredients (mayo, sliced cheese, mustard, ect.).

This perfect height drawer is great to store snacks for my toddler.

The second green bin is for easy to grab fruit.

I store in the blue bin miscellaneous items like tortillas and salad, in the red bin I store leftovers, and in the middle white container I store water bottles and juice bottles. Lastly, the last bottom drawers is where I keep all my veggies.

This is where I keep my butter, pre-made crust, and eggs.

I use my chalk labels to not only know where everything goes but to put a reminder to use my eggs by a certain date.

On the second rack I store any condiments.

Lastly, on the last rack is store wine and soda.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, February 16, 2015

DIY: Hollywood Inspired Makeup Table Mirror Lights

Makeup is one of those special things that I am absolutely obsessed with, and with that obsession comes an obscenely amount of pretties that need a place to live. I have always been fascinated with the way one can create something from essentially nothing. Just think about how a couple of pieces of wood are combined to make something as a grand as a home, or simple as a chair, or even a beautiful home to store all my makeup; it's like my own personal form of magic. I love how I can make anything from piles of wood just like how I can create different illusions by shading and lighting my face. I want to show you how I combined two of my loves in a project. This whole DIY project is super easy and inexpensive compared to actually buying a real mirror with lights. I hope you all enjoy!


  • Framed mirror
  • Ping pong balls ($8.00 at the time of this post)
  • String lights (on hand from Christmas clearance)
  • Exacto knife (on hand)
  • Command mini hook (on hand)
  • Hot glue gun (on hand)

Optional- make your own framed mirror

Step 1: (skip to Step 2 if you have a framed mirror) Cut the four pieces of moulding at a 45 degree angle. Once you have all your pieces cut, use the wood glue and glue all the four pieces together. Do not glue to the mirror yet, especially if you plan to spray paint it a different color. After the glue dries, spray paint the frame to the color of your choice. Lastly, use wood glue to glue the frame to the mirror and wait until it dries.

Step 2: Use a command mini hook to hold the end of the string lights in place.

Step 3: Use your hot glue gun to glue the all the light bulbs around the frame.

Step 4: After the light bulbs are glued to the frame, grab your ping pong balls and your Exacto knife to make 'X' incisions.

Step 5: Place all the ping pong balls in the light bulbs and done!

Thanks for reading!

I will be posting my entire makeup collection on my other blog,, coming soon!

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